"We lose ourselves in the things we love. We find ourselves there, too."

- Kristin Martz

Hello! I am a landscape and portrait photographer in Louisville, KY. Photography started out as a casual hobby - photos taken on hikes or trips, with the occasional family portrait. When I moved back to Louisville, I used photography as a way of reacquainting myself with my hometown. My obsession with the skyline and bridges has carried me into the realm of cityscape photography. Eventually, I branched outside of Louisville to explore the rolling hills of the Kentucky countryside, and I've delighted in the joy and beauty of our horses and farmland. As my technical understanding of photography and artistic development has grown (I am self-taught), I have begun focusing more on experimenting with light and shadow and portraits. I have noticed a deeper connection to my images when I add a human subject to them, whether through street photography or direct portraiture, as I am interested in people's connection to the world around them. I am drawn to documentary photography and photojournalism as a means for visual storytelling, through which I hope to begin contributing to the storyline being made about and for Kentucky. My style, therefore, likely appears to be all over the place: I enjoy pristine landscapes, Stephen Shore-esque images, and high fashion portraitures equally. In developing my style, I seek to draw inspiration from all forms. I am always looking for new ways and new subjects to photograph, and would love to hear how I can capture your vision. Thanks for stopping by! Below are recent collaborations and features, please take a look.


Guest curator for Southern Glossary on their Instagram account, May 8-14, 2017. You can find my featured work and interview with them here.

WAVE 3 News debuted their renovated news studio with one of my Louisville skyline images as their backdrop, August 2016. They have since rotated additional photos from me and other local photographers.

Featured Kentuckian by Kentucky Tourism, December 2015. A social media campaign featuring influential Kentuckians and why they love Kentucky. #MyKentucky

First featured photographer for the Louisville Convention & Visitors Bureau’s May 2015 Hometown Tourism Celebration. Ten skyline images were displayed at the Visitor Center and online, as well as in a marketing video.